The Hawaii Chapter Resident Research Competition

The 2002 Resident Research Competition
Of 20 abstracts submitted, five were selected for presentation at the ACS Hawaii Chapter 2002 Summer Meeting.

First Place, $500 Cash Prize
Effects of Vasopressin Infusion on Systemic Organ Perfusion in a Porcine (Sus scrofa) Model of Vasodilatory Septic Shock
Chan MM, Chung MH, Cordts PR, Sawyer MAJ, Wu J, Hashiro GM, Burghardt CA, Cheng DPY, and Uyehara CFT
Tripler Army Medical Center [Abstract]

Second Place, $300 Cash Prize
Off Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Reduces Neurologic and Clinical Morbidity: A Prospective Randomized Trial
Hideko Yamauchi, M.D., Jeffrey D. Lee, M.D., Shay J. Lee, M.D., William T. Tsushima, PhD, William T. Lau, Jordan Popper, M.D., Alan Stein, M.D., David Johnson, David Lee, D.O., Helen Petrovitch, M.D., and Collin R. Dang, M.D.
University of Hawaii Department of Surgery [Abstract]

Third Place, $250 Cash Prize
Postoperative Radiographic Evaluation of Open vs. Laparoscopic Bypass Procedures
Simon H. Telian, MD Paul T. Cirangle, MD
Tripler Army Medical Center [Abstract]

Fourth Place, $150 Cash Prize
Radiographic Analysis of Femoral Tunnel and Interference Screw Placement During Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction
Mark Berkowitz, Bertram Providence, David H. Kim, Craig R. Bottoni
Tripler Army Medical Center [Abstract]

Fifth Place, $100 Cash Prize
Comparison of Live and Stored Digital Image Laryngeal Examinations
Umesh S. Marathe MD, Michael R. Holtel MD, Lawrence P. Burgess MD, Mark J. Syms MD, Deborah Birkmire-Peters Ph.D.
Tripler Army Medical Center [Abstract]

Other Preliminary Submissions
Epidemiology of Osteomyelitis in Pacific Islanders: Shriners Hospital Honolulu Experience
Elizabeth Matzkin, University of Hawaii

Preliminary Studies of Vasopressin in Human Blood Vessels
N Singh, Tripler Army Medical Center

AMES Criteria for Thyroid Carcinoma: Can It Be Applied to Hawaiian Filipino Population?
Elena Antedominico, Tripler Army Medical Center

Pole Vault Injuries
Spencer Chang, University of Hawaii

The Role of Repeat Computed Tomography Scan for Locally Advanced Rectal Cancers following Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation Therapy
Richard Smith, Ed Burke, Matthew Mayfield, Tripler Army Medical Center

Complications of Percutaneous Femoral Artery Closure Devices
Alessandra Puggioni, University of Hawaii

Cancer Genetic Variants in a Non-Caucasian Population
Patricia Keefe, Tripler Army Medical Center

Screw Placement for Complex Acetabular Reconstruction
Burt E. Moritz, IV, University of Hawaii

Avulsion Fractures of the Posteromedial Tubercle of the Talus
D Kim, M Berkowitz, Tripler Army Medical Center

Comparison of Technetium Sulfur Colloid vs. Isosulfan Blue Dye in Breast Cancer Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping
Erick G. Martell, Tripler Army Medical Center

Inguinal Herniorrhaphy: Prophylactic Ligation and Division of Ilioinguinal Nerve for the Prevention of Postoperative Chronic Groin Pain
Michael Roach, Tripler Army Medical Center

Fibular Position in Relation to Lateral Ankle Instability
Mark Berkowitz, Tripler Army Medical Center

Initial Clinical Experience with Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass for Clinically Significant Obesity in a Managed Care Hospital
Elizabeth Lore, Tripler AMC and Kaiser Permanente

Postoperative Infections After Arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Daniel Judd, Tripler Army Medical Center

5196 Mandible Fractures Among 4381 Active Duty Army Soldiers, 1980 to 1998
Jason Boole, Tripler Army Medical Center

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